Kelly Ripa Reveals That She Wishes She Had Another Baby With Husband Mark


Kelly Ripa recently revealed on her morning show that she regrets not having a 4th child with husband Mark Conseuelos. Kelly and Mark have three grown children and it seems they are missing having little ones running around.

On her show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, she said that she is regretful she didn’t have more kids. She said, “I also just loved having them. I adore them as the grown-ups that they’ve become … but when they are tiny, they are just so adorable. And they say amazing things, and I miss all of that.”


Learn More About Their Kids

Kelly is currently 48 years old. Mark is 47. The pair got married in 1996, after meeting on the soap opera All My Children. Their characters ended up getting married on the show and shortly after they eloped in real life. They had their first child one year later.

According to Wikipedia, they have three children: Michael Joseph (born June 2, 1997), Lola Grace (born June 16, 2001), and Joaquin Antonio (born February 24, 2003). It is unbelievable how much their kids look like them! Recently, Michael played the younger version of Mark’s character on the show Riverdale. It was his first big role. We wonder if he will follow in his parent’s footsteps and start an acting career.

Kelly And Mark Have Strict Parenting Rules

Kelly has been on a talk show for years, so naturally, her kids come up often. She has spoken out on how she is a strict mom and that they have lots of rules for their teenagers. Kelly said that she does not allow phones at the dinner table or while the kids are studying. If she catches them, the phones will be gone in an instant!

She also checks up on their social media accounts and makes sure they stay healthy. Kelly knows the Internet can be a scary place so she makes sure to check up on what the kids post. They also never keep junk food in the house, placing bowls of fruit out as snacks instead.

She doesn’t aim to be best friends with her kids right now, she wants to be their mom. Kids need rules to flourish and become successful adults, don’t you think? It seems like Kelly and Mark are on the right track with their teens!

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Learn more about what Mark Consuelos said about his wife Kelly:

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