These Photos During The Polar Vortex Prove Just How Cold It Really Is


This past week we announced the arrival of the polar vortex, which would bring bone-chilling temperatures to the midwest and northeastern parts of the United States. Some of the cold temperatures could even drop down to the southern area of the U.S. and we’re all feeling the winter chill!

Some people have taken to social media to document just how cold it is where they are. With some areas of the U.S. experiencing a -45-degree wind chill temperature, it’s no surprise that some items are literally freezing in place. Check these out!


Let’s start with Chicago

This has to be magic. But Chicago got some of the coldest temperatures on record for this polar vortex so we’re honestly not that surprised.

Ever seen a cold light post?

It’s so freakin’ cold that the light posts are literally shivering (or it could just be the wind). Either way, there’s video proof.


Frozen bubbles

The National Weather Service out in Omaha tweeted that the blew some bubbles outside and they froze solid in just seconds. That’s how cold it is.

Another Chicago story

The news actually began to report this one shortly after it happened. Desperate times call for desperate measures, no?

No chickens allowed (outdoors)

Angela from Twitter took her pet chickens indoors because it was way too cold to be out in their normal resting area. They’re probably really confused.

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