These Photos During The Polar Vortex Prove Just How Cold It Really Is


Toilet mishap

Imagine just wanting to use the bathroom and suddenly your toilet tank explodes because the water inside freezes solid. FROM INDOORS!

Frozen jeans


Okay, this literally looks like a scene from a horror movie called Attack of the Jeans.

Those don’t look so comfy anymore

You know how sweatpants are supposed to be comfy and cozy? Not this pair. Video proof shows a little girl throwing her Justice sweatpants into the air and they make a perfect landing legs-first into the snow.

Is that a ghost?

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People are having some serious fun with their clothing in this polar vortex. Is that a ghost we see near the police car?

Science experiment time

One woman took a boiling hot mug of water and threw it into the air. It immediately turned to snow. How cool!

Taking the snow for a spin

One man took what looks to be a kayak out to the snow to play… with no clothes on! What a brave soul.

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