15 Awesome Tiny Home Communities Around The Country


Tiny homes are very popular right now. It makes sense for a lot of people to downsize to save money on housing and other items. Some may also want to travel across the country and want to take their home with them.

Now, tiny home communities are popping up around the country. They are basically subdivisions but filled with all tiny homes. How cool is that? Check out a list of some of the best tiny home communities. See if there is one near you:


Park Delta Bay in Isleton, CA


Park Delta Bay is the only legal tiny house community in Northern California, just northeast of San Fransisco. The tiny homes that are allowed to park there have to have wheels. Can you imagine the weather and views of California? The park is also on the San Joaquin River and offers a swimming pool and a clubhouse for residents.

LuxTiny Community in Lakeside, AZ


In another beautiful setting, LuxTiny Community is located on six acres. They are also working on becoming a low-impact green community which will include a walking path, community garden with chicken coops and solar panels. You also get stunning mountain views.


Gracious Tiny House Park in Okeechobee, FL


This tiny home community used to be an RV park. They still allow RVs, but now include tiny homes. There are gorgeous waterfront sites that you can park your tiny home on. There is also a clubhouse and a pool for residents.

Acony Bell Tiny Home Village in Mills River, NC


This tiny home village provides the land for people to park their tiny homes on. They offer areas for long-term residents and short-term visitors. They have a community fire pit, walking trails and even community gardens. Their focus is on letting people enjoy the outdoors in the Southern Appalachians.

Escalante Village in Durango, CO


If you love the mountains and weather of Colorado, they have a very nice riverfront tiny home community. There is also a community garden here and self-storage available if you have more than what fits in your tiny home.

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