PSA: Never, Ever Put These Two Things Down Your Drain

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Have you ever wondered if you should rinse certain things down your drain or into your garbage disposal? While there are several things that you probably shouldn’t let go into your drain, there are two specific items that are the most problematic, according to plumbers everywhere.

The two items that cause the most drain blockages are grease and potato peels. Have you ever rinsed grease or potato peels down your kitchen sink? If so, did it cause a blockage and you had to call a plumber? During the holidays, especially after big cooking days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, many plumbers see an increase in their work.

What Happens If You Accidentally Put These Items Down Your Drain?

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A lot of these issues are caused by these two culprits. So, why exactly should you throw away grease and potato peels instead of putting them down your sink? Many people assume that grease is liquid so you can pour it down the drain. However, when grease gets cold it solidifies. When you pour it down the drain, it is warm and liquid, but when it hits the cold pipe it solidifies and can be very difficult to remove. It basically gets stuck in the pipes, so other items will get just as stuck behind it.

How To Dispose Of These Items Properly

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Save your grease and use it in cooking or throw it in the garbage. If there is a small amount of grease, just sop it up with paper towels. Don’t throw away hot grease though, always let it cool first or it could burn through the garbage bag. This brings us to the question, why can’t potato peels go in the garbage disposal? Potato peels and vegetable peels are better for a compost pile than in your drain. Peels don’t tend to grind up effectively. Play it safe and throw them out or use them as compost if you do that sort of thing.


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If you want to try to fix a clogged drain yourself before calling a plumber, watch the video below for step by step directions on how to easily fix a clogged drain if you accidentally put these items in your sink: 

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