Chores You Did That Kids These Days Wouldn’t Understand


Many kids these days don’t know the value of hard work. Even if kids are made to do chores, they aren’t as difficult with the help of technology and new inventions. Do you ever tell your children or grandchildren about the chores you used to have to do back in the day?

If you’re feeling nostalgic, read this list and see if you have done every chore on this list. How many of these have you done?


1. Used a wringer washing machine

wringer washing machine
Wikimedia Commons

Do you remember wringer washing machines? Electric washing machines were around as early as the 1900s, but many people couldn’t afford them. That is where wringer washing machines came in. You had to wash each item one by one and then hang them outside on a clothesline to dry.

2. If you had a TV, changing the channel was very different

remote control

Did you ever have to sit right in front of the television and turn the knob for your Dad because he couldn’t decide on a show? These days we have remotes, but the earlier television sets did not. You had to change the knob on the front of the TV to change the channel and boy, did it get annoying.


3. Putting tin foil on the TV antenna

tin foil

In addition to changing the channels with a knob, you also sometimes had to put tin foil on the TV antenna to get stations to come in. Sometimes you had to move it around until you could get the channel clear enough to watch.

4. Iron hankies and pillowcases

Public Domain Pictures

Did your mother ever make you iron? Back in the day, she might have even made you iron your handkerchiefs and pillowcases. You definitely couldn’t skip a day without making your bed either!

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