25 Things Kids Born After 1999 Will Never Understand

Times were tough before 1999!


These pictures will depict what struggles kids before the millennium will NEVER understand including having to use a corded phone to asking Jeeves instead of Siri for answers. The only difference is you manually had to Ask Jeeves and didn’t always get the correct answer.

The strains of life in the days before iPhones and Google will leave anyone born pre-2000 feeling nostalgic while anyone born after, baffled.


1. The crushing disappointment of getting a new phone and realizing you’d lost your high score on Snake 2.


2. The amount of time you spent trying to get the perfect angle for a webcam selfie.


3. Eventually having to log off MSN because your mom needed to use the home phone.


4. The pain of downloading a song on Limewire, only to find that it was a radio recording where the DJ spoke over the end of it.


5. Having to wait until Friday to see the proper chart rundown on Top of the Pops.


6. Going through this rigmarole every time you wanted to play Solitaire.

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7. How powerful you felt when you were put in charge of the overhead projector!


8. The painful decision of which text to delete because your phone memory ran out.


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