10 Fun Facts About People Born In November

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Is your birthday in November? Not only do you get to share your birthday month with Thanksgiving, but being born in November has a lot of perks. You may have some qualities that not many other people share with you.

Here are some fun facts about November babies. Do you have a November baby in your life?


1. They are great friends to others

best friends

For whatever reason, studies show that people born in November are often very good friends and enjoy long-lasting friendships. Would you agree or disagree with this?

2. They are more likely to be left-handed



According to research, people born in November, especially men, are more likely to be left-handed. Being a lefty is kind of rare, so this is pretty interesting. The research found that this may be due to high levels of testosterone that may delay the development of the left brain hemisphere in fetuses.

3. November babies have two birthstones

citrine topaz
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Those with November birthdays are lucky because they have two birthstones. One is citrine and the other is topaz. Citrine is often yellow and topaz is often blue. They are both known for their calming energies.

4. They have a lower risk of heart problems, lung cancer, and multiple sclerosis

healthy older people

Studies and research show that people born in November have a lower risk of these diseases. Great news for November babies!

5. They have a magnetic personality


Another reason they might make great, long-lasting friends is that many say their personality is magnetic and very attractive to others.

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