10 Bad Habits That You Don’t Realize Spread Germs Like Wildfire


It’s no secret that simple things that not washing your hands thoroughly enough or not washing personal belongings as often as you should can cause the spread of germs. However, there’s a lot more you can do that cause the spread of germs and can cause you, or someone else, to fall ill.

In fact, you probably do one of two of these things once a day and don’t even realize the effect it has on you. While it may not cause you to feel sick, the germs are still there and just not visible to the naked eye. Here are 10 unhealthy habits that you didn’t know cause the spread of germs! Which ones do you do?


1. Using bar soap

bar soap
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Bars of soap can actually spread germs when used by multiple people. Liquid soaps are the best options for families who share showers.

2. Texting on the toilet

texting on the toilet
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When you’re doing your business, germs (like fecal matter) are released into the air and can end up on your phone screen. It doesn’t matter if you wash your hands afterward, the germs are still on your phone’s surface and it’s pretty gnarly to think about.


3. Not washing your hands thoroughly enough

washing hands

You should be washing your hands for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. To ensure you’ve washed your hands long enough, sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice in a row.

4. Sharing hand towels

hand towels
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It’s best to have multiple hand towels up for use when sharing a bathroom and especially when sharing hand towels. Even if you need to have designated hand towels for members of the house, it’s better than spreading germs by all family members using the same hand towel.

5. Leaving the toilet lid up when flushing

flushing the toilet
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Studies have shown that when you flush the toilet, the contents of what’s in the toilet get splashed around and it sprays those contents into the air containing microscopic bacteria. By not closing the lid before you flush, you run the risk of that bacteria contaminating your hands and other surfaces; even your toothbrush!

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