This Is Everything You Need To Know About Those Amazing Costco Free Samples


Costco is an awesome place to shop. There are so many perks including great deals, travel coupons, and the best of all: free samples. Many grocery stores offer free samples, but nothing compares to Costco’s. Do you love shopping during prime free sample time?

Here are some things you might not know about those amazing Costco free samples. You’re definitely going to want to check out this list before your next Costco trip.


1. They are unlimited (yes, we said unlimited!)


Have you ever loved a free sample so much you wanted to eat about 10 of them? Well, you can! Employees aren’t allowed to enforce a limit on free samples. Many sources have confirmed this, but that doesn’t mean you should feel they are unlimited. Save some of the delicious treats for other customers. You don’t want to be that person who takes ALL of the samples.

2. The people handing out samples don’t actually work at Costco

Duck Soup

You might think that the people who cook and hand out the samples work at Costco, but they work for another company. They work for Club Demonstration Services (CDS). The CDS assigns them to a particular store, so you may see the same people over and over if you shop at one particular Costco. Remember to be friendly!


3. They take cleanliness very seriously


All of the equipment they use has been sanitized and employees must change their gloves every five minutes. If the employee accidentally touches any produces with their bare hands, it must be thrown away immediately. They also know all of the rules for proper food safety and heating temperatures.

 4. Stop in during prime sampling times


Saturdays and Sundays during 1 and 2 pm generally have the most samples. It is also one of the busiest times for Costco, so if you don’t mind crowds, it will mean you get to try lots of samples. If you hate crowds, head to Costco on Mondays or Tuesdays. You should be able to find some pretty great samples then too and not have to deal with too many people.

5. Kids must have a parent when grabbing a sample


Kids aren’t allowed to grab a sample on their own. The reason is that they could be allergic to something and not even realize it. Workers make sure that kids have a parent or another adult with them so they don’t eat something that will make them sick.



Do you love going to Costco and getting the free samples? Can you remember any of your favorite samples?

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