This Body Soap RV Trailer Hack Is Perfect For The Season


With the autumn season in full swing, it’s time for all RVs and campers to be closed up for the season (unless you live in a warm climate year round). Closing up your trailers properly can be quite the chore since you have to be 100% sure that pests won’t be making their own homes inside your trailer for the season.

However, instead of placing pest traps throughout your RV, there’s also a much better, easier, and less harmful way to make sure pests stay out of your trailer. All you’ll need is one or two bars of Irish Spring soap. Pests hate the strong smell of the soap and will be sure to keep them away for good!


Closing up your RV or camper…….A Bar Of Irish Spring Soap Will Help Keep Mice Out Of Your RV/Camper, Garage Or Home.

Posted by Gill-Roy's Hardware on Thursday, September 13, 2018

This is one of the cheapest and cruelty-free methods of making sure these pesky critters stay out of your RV for the autumn and winter seasons. This method can also be used in your home, garage, sheds, etc. You’ll be helping the area smell fresh and clean and you’ll be protecting your personal belongings from rodents and other pests trying to make your home their home.


Irish Spring soap can actually be super helpful for a multitude of things that affect our daily lives. Some ways in which Irish Spring soap can be helpful include eliminating shoe odors, soothing bug bites, repelling deer or other animals away from your garden, unsticking a zipper, and it also makes a perfect air freshener for your car!


irish spring soap in garden

Gill-Roy’s Hardware was one of the many companies to endorse the usage of Irish Spring soap to repel pests away from RVs. Since then the company’s Facebook page has received a slew of questions on if Irish Spring soap will work against this or that. The company has only been able to state that ‘majority replies have been favorable’ of the people who have tried this trick.

The company sells several deterrent products, including for pests, birds, and spiders. The company hasn’t been able to determine what in Irish Spring soap makes it such a great, natural product for repelling pests.

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There are also other ways to keep your RV pest and insect-free throughout the seasons that don’t involve using any sort of repellents or even Irish Spring soap.

It’s recommended to regularly dust and vacuum any rugs in your RV and spray cracks and crevices of your RV with white vinegar, peppermint oil, or any other citrus-smelling sprays. This will end up naturally repelling any pests or insects that might want to invest in your trailer!


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