7 Stunning Bungalows That Are Retirement-Worthy


Bungalows are truly the most ideal home for a final living spot. They tend to be a low house that’s closer to the ground with a broad front porch and typically has no second floor. It’s an ideal final living spot due to minimal moving, going up and down stairs, and generally living in a smaller space as opposed to a large family house.

Bungalows have a long history and they actually started in Asia. Internationally it holds a ton of different meanings, but they all generally mean ‘low-rise’. The first U.S. bungalow was actually used after the First World War in California. Here are seven of the best retirement-worthy bungalows.


1. The Quest, UK, by Ström Architects

Ström Architects

This bungalow is absolutely stunning. It features a visibly lowrise house and appears to be one story tall. It also features a protective parking spot for drivers who don’t need to deal with the hassle of an actual parking garage. It’s a very contemporary style home featuring ceiling-to-floor glass windows.

2. The Tepoztlán Bungalow, Mexico, by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

This bungalow is perfect for a couple who is looking for a modern style home that has beautiful scenery as well. Perched on top of a slope, it allows both the residents and the passersby to relish in the beautiful green scenery of the front half of the property.


3. Escu, Australia, by Bijl Architecture

Bijl Architecture

This refurbished bungalow was built in 1960 in Sydney, Australia. The one-story house has been renovated to enhance the natural light from the outside to give way to a cozy yet open interior.

4. Courtyard Housing, UK, by Patel Taylor

Patel Taylor

This set of bungalows is a concept for a low-rise version of a condominium. It has both modern and old-fashioned nods to it with the contemporary, new-style doors and vintage-looking bricks that garner the house along with the chimney.

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