11 Uses For Coffee Filters That Will Make Your Life Easier


7. Eating popsicles


Just stick the coffee filter through the bottom of the stick and you’ve got yourself a mess-free popsicle eating experience. Anything that drips off the bottom of the popsicle will just absorb into the filter.

8. China protector


Just place a coffee filter in between some of your China plates and it’ll protect them from scratches among other things. It’s perfect for stacking your dishes!


9. Straining wine


Has a cork ever fallen into your wine bottle and broke into a bunch of pieces? Just place a coffee filter over the wine bottle opening and strain the wine into a new container- without the corky mess!

10. Serving Hors d’oeuvres

Lauren Topor / Flickr

Coffee filters are perfect for serving hors devours in. They can be used as mini disposable bowls or simply just for decoration with the food you’re serving.


11. Odor Sachet

Wikimedia Commons

Place baking soda or potpourri in a coffee filter. Tie it up, then place it anywhere to let the odor eater/scented sachet eat up any stale smells in the area.

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