11 Uses For Coffee Filters That Will Make Your Life Easier


Coffee filters aren’t just for preparing your delicious morning coffee. They actually provide some additional uses for typical everyday activities. While also used around the house, they do come in handy as a little ‘holder’ of sorts for your sandwich, or a strainer for your wine after the cork fell in. The possibilities are endless!

So, next time you think about getting the 10 pack of coffee filters instead of the 20 pack, you might want to think again. Consider all the other uses it might have that will make your life 10 times easier. Here are 11 uses for coffee filters!


1. Soaking up grease

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Cooking up some rather greasy foods like bacon, fries, or fried chicken? Be sure to place them in a coffee filter. It’ll soak up the grease in no time so you can enjoy!

2. Heating up leftovers


If you’re ever worried about your food bubbling up and exploding all over your microwave, not to worry. Place a coffee filter over the bowl to protect your food!


3. Sandwich holder

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Holding your sandwich in a coffee filter can prevent from the insides of your sandwich falling out and making a mess.

4. Face oil blotter


Ladies, are you ever doing your makeup (or just finished your makeup) when you notice your face is getting oily? Just use a coffee filter to dab it on the oily areas, and you’re good to go with no mess!

5. Cleaning windows and glass

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Using coffee filters to wipe down your glass windows will leave a lint-free and streak-free shine. No more using old rags and towels!

6. Cleaning your electronics, too

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You can even use coffee filters to clean your electronics! They’re great for wiping down your TV, computer, gaming systems, and more. These things tend to collect a lot of dust, so this will ensure your electronics will be left looking spotless.


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