12 Hilarious Grandparents Who Can’t Be Bothered To Care What Anyone Thinks


Grandparents are seriously the backbone in helping raise our youth. They are full of wisdom, experience, and a listening ear when we need it. But sometimes they’re just a little too savage for us to handle and those funny moments should never be forgotten! It’s definitely a good memory to slip into our back pockets when we need a good laugh.

Whether your grandparent cropped you out of their profile picture or they get you a holiday card with something sassy on the inside, we love them for all these hysterical moments. Here are 12 grandparents who had some hilariously badass moments!


1. No money, no problems

I’m sure she probably slid him a check on the flip side. She just wanted to do it for the story.

2. Who’s cuter, the puppy or the grandchild?

Grandma definitely has a favorite, and it’s not the grandchild. Dogs rule!


3. Special occasion

That moment when your grandmother only might attend your birthday party. It’s understandable. She’s a busy woman.

4. Bingo night

If you can’t go up against grandpa in bingo night, you wear the role of a ‘coward’ in his book. Maybe next time.

5. First love

This grandmother just couldn’t let go of her first boyfriend. Must’ve been a pretty good first relationship to keep a picture frame of that boyfriend and not your current husband.

6. Profile picture

When your own grandmother crops you out of the Facebook profile photo you know it’s not a game anymore.

7. New baby

Oh yeah, this grandfather is completely excited for the new baby that just arrived. Totally.

8. Forever alone

Get you a grandma who loves reminding how you should get yourself a ‘nice girl’ or ‘nice boy’ to bring home.



Nothing like some good, old-fashioned family drama over pumpkin spiced lattes.

10. The Lenten season

I mean, as long as the grandchildren are okay, they’re in the clear.

11. Busy bee

Grandma has no time to talk about Thanksgiving! She’s attending to her social agenda!

12. How poetic

Grandma has no problem pointing out that her granddaughter deserves better. Even in the most poetic of ways!

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