The Craziest Pets That Actually Lived In The White House


You might remember some of the most famous cats and dogs who have lived in the White House, but do you know some of the weirder pets that lived there? Some U.S. Presidents decided to have crazy pets instead of the traditional cat or dog.

Here are some of the strangest pets that ever lived in the White House.


1. Pete the Squirrel


President Warren G. Harding actually had a pet squirrel. He stayed on the White House grounds and was so friendly, he would eat out of people’s hands.

2. Parrots

Wikimedia Commons

Parrots aren’t that strange of a pet choice, but Andrew Jackson taught his parrot to swear. George Washington and James Madison’s wives also had parrots for pets.


3. Alligators

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Can you imagine having an alligator for a pet? John Quincy Adams received one from Marquis de Lafayette. Apparently, it lived in a bathroom and Adams would scare guests with it.

4. Teddy Roosevelt basically had a zoo

teddy roosevelt
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He had snakes, a lion, a hyena, a zebra, five bears and a badger on White House grounds. Oh, he also had more normal pets like dogs, cats, birds, horses, rats, and guinea pigs.

5. Sheep

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Woodrow Wilson tried to cut costs by having sheep help with the lawn maintenance.

6. Tiger cubs

tiger cubs

Martin Van Buren was gifted with two tiger cubs from the Sultan of Oman. He later gave them to a zoo for proper care.

7. A Cow

pauline the cow

William Howard Taft had a friendly cow named Pauline. His family always had fresh milk.

8. Grizzly Bears

grizzly bears
Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Jefferson received a pair of grizzly bears from Zebulon Pike. They lived in cages at the White House for a little while but then went to a museum.


9. Eagle

bald eagle

James Buchanan actually kept an eagle, the national bird, during his term.

10. Siamese cat

siamese cat
Wikimedia Commons

A Siamese cat isn’t that unusual. However, Rutherford B. Hayes had the first bred Siamese cat ever documented in the United States. He was president from 1877-1881.

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