Prince Harry’s Wedding Band Breaks Multiple Royal Traditions


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married on May 19, 2018. The world watched their gorgeous wedding and loved every minute of it. The couple wanted to do things their way, even though there are several Royal traditions they had to follow.

They did break a few rules such as choosing a different cake flavor than other Royals. Harry is also the first man in his family to wear a wedding band. Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he isn’t that into jewelry and his grandfather didn’t wear one. Prince Charles does wear a signet ring on his pinky finger, but never wore a wedding ring while married to Princess Diana.


Perhaps they don’t wear wedding bands because it is a fairly new and modern trend and they like the old school way. In addition to wearing a wedding band, Harry chose a platinum band which is very unusual for Royals.

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Most Royals wear rings crafted from rare Welsh gold if they wear rings at all. This was a tradition the stemmed from the Queen Mother (Prince Harry’s great-grandmother) in 1923. All of the Royal brides wear these gold rings, including Meghan. Queen Elizabeth II gave Meghan her ring as a gift from the Royal family. This helps her to be connected to the Royal family and some of their famous traditions.


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We wonder what went into their decision to go against Royal tradition and adopt a new modern way of showing their love to everyone. The rings sure are gorgeous, just like the new bride and groom!

It seems things are going well for Meghan and Harry as they are out and about lately. She seems to be fitting in with the Royal family quite nicely. We just love seeing pictures of them together and looking extremely happy!

What do you think about Harry breaking tradition by wearing a platinum wedding band? Do you think it is odd that Royals don’t normally wear wedding bands? If you are married, do you wear a wedding band or do you forgo wearing jewelry?

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