How The Sun Affects Your Body In Other Ways Besides Sunburn


Some people can’t seem to get enough of the sun’s rays, while others would rather be indoors with the shades drawn. Whether you love it or hate it, there are times when you need to be outside during sunny weather. Do you ever wonder what the sun does to your body?

Yes, you can get sunburns and that is mostly what people talk about. However, there are some other upsides and downsides to spending time in the sun. Here are a few!

1. A good night’s sleep


Do you know that feeling when you spent all day outside and you sleep so well? The sun has something to do with it. Natural light from the sun actually regulates your circadian rhythm and helps you sleep at night. It can be helpful to go out into the sun when you first wake up to let your body know you need to get up and stay awake. When your internal clock is closer to the rising and setting sun, you will sleep much better.

2. You’ll be happier


Sun exposure releases a chemical in your body called beta-endorphin, which can make you feel really happy. This is the same chemical that is released during exercise too. Bonus points if you go for a run in the sun!

3. You may have issues with your eyesight


Exposure to the sun can make your vision problems even worse, especially if you are over 40. Those same harmful UV rays that can damage your skin can damage your eyes. You are at risk for cataracts and other vision problems. In severe cases, you could go blind. Always wear proper sunglasses when outdoors in the sun!

4. You might look older


Prolonged time spent in the sun will give you brown spots and wrinkles. This is another reason you should always wear sunscreen. If you damage your skin when you are younger, it will just look worse when you get older.

5. You might get a rash


Some people get a heat rash from the sun. Others may have a skin condition called polymorphic light eruption. If they step out in the sun, they get a very itchy, painful rash. Some people with an even rarer disease called porphyria can’t even step out in the sun because it will cause their skin to bubble. Can you imagine not being able to be in the sun at all?

6. Less acne

person hiding acne

If you have acne, limited doses of the sun can actually help clear it up. However, don’t rely on the sun alone to treat your pimples because it could end up causing sun damage and sunburns.

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