Rebecca Robertson From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Expecting Her First Child!

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Rebecca Robertson Loflin, from the crew on Duck Dynasty, is pregnant! She is expecting her first child with husband John Reed Loflin. Rebecca made the announcement on Instagram.

The post showed Rebecca and John with their French bulldog that said “I thought I was UR baby”, obviously making a joke about the dog. She also shared a video of when she told her husband the exciting news.


Her sister Bella made a baby denim jacket that says Loflin on the back. She gave it to John on his birthday. At first, he thought it was an adorable jacket for their dog, but then he saw the positive pregnancy test. You can tell how overjoyed the two are for their new baby!

Rebecca and John also surprised Rebecca’s mother, Korie Robertson, with the jacket and pregnancy test. The Loflin baby is due in January. No word yet if it is a boy or a girl. They plan to find out soon.


Rebecca joined the Duck Dynasty family at 16 years old. She was an exchange student from Tawain that came to live with the famous family. She eventually became Willie and Korie’s foster child.

Rebecca and John married in 2016 and they live across the street from Willie and Korie Roberston. Duck Dynasty was a reality show on A&E that focused on the Robertson family. Phil Robertson invented a duck call that is wildly popular. The business is now run by his family. The family is also known for their beards, country lifestyle and conservative views. The show ended in March 2017 but reruns continue to air on television.

The couple looks very happy about the news! We bet their family is overjoyed to add another “duckling” to the mix. Do you wish you could still watch new episodes of them on TV?

Did you watch Duck Dynasty? Are you excited that Rebecca and John are expecting their first child? Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

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