Prince George Reportedly Doesn’t Know He Will Be King One Day


Little Prince George recently turned five years old. It is reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not told him that he will be king someday. Let’s hope no one tells him before his parents do!

Kate and William have decided to wait to tell Prince George that he may be king one day. This is because they want him to have as normal of a life as he can for as long as possible. They just want him to be a somewhat normal kid, which is totally understandable!


William has said that the responsibility and pressure he felt from his role when he was too young has led to their decision. We wonder when they will tell him! How will they keep it a secret from him as he heads off to school?

It is admirable that William and Kate want to protect him and let him be a normal kid, but it will be impossible to hold off on telling him after too long. Other kids at school will become aware of his title and his famous family and will probably tell him. Pretty soon he will be able to tell his life is much different than the other kids he is around.


What do you think about Kate and William deciding not to tell Prince George that he may be king one day? When do you think they will decide to let him know? We wonder how old Prince William was when he learned the news about himself.

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What do you think?


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