The 5 Healthiest Drinks You Can Order At Starbucks


We all know that Starbucks is full of sugary sweetness with those caramel macchiatos and java chip frappuccinos. Sometimes it’s best to steer clear of Starbucks in order to avoid a sugar high and high costs. However, there are some healthier drinks on the menu if you’re craving a little Starbucks in the morning.

While we’ve all heard of the secret menu at Starbucks, many haven’t heard of the not-so-secret healthier options on the menu. These drinks will cut your calories in half, but still, give you the satisfying flavor we all know and love.


1. Whole Milk Cappuccinos


Since cappuccinos are made with foamed milk, they’re already a shoe-in for a sweet, low-calorie beverage. A tall whole milk cappuccino contains only 110 calories, and the creaminess provides an extra bonus for a nice treat!

2. Skim/Low-fat caffè mistos


Order a misto with low-fat or non-fat milk. They’re made with coffee instead of espresso and use less milk than a latte. This, in turn, cuts back on the calories and makes it a much healthier option! You could always add a pump of flavor syrup for a little extra flavor.


3. Iced or hot tea

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All of the iced or hot teas at Starbucks are virtually zero calories (so long as you get it without added sugar), whether you order black tea, green tea, or whatever your heart desires. If you want to ease up on the caffeine a bit, you could always opt for some tea, all while keeping it healthy!

4. Skinny Vanilla or Mocha Lattes

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These are made with a sugar substitute and, therefore, making for an awesome-tasting drink! There are only 120 calories in a grande sized skinny latte compared to the original which has 250.

5. Cold brew

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The cold brew has become incredibly popular since its start, not only for the creaminess and smooth taste but also because it’s a healthier alternative! The prolonged brewing process makes the brew a little sweeter, making you less inclined to add more sugar.

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