Family Transforms 1989 Bluebird Bus Into Adorable Traveling Tiny Home

Tiny House Listings

Do you remember those old Bluebird buses? Someone in Kentucky turned one of these 1989 classics into a very cute tiny home. The tiny home is 180 sq. ft. but still has all of the amenities you’d want in a tiny home that goes on the road.

It is listed for sale for $29,999 as a converted bus and is registered and insured as an RV.

bluebird bus
Tiny House Listings

It boasts one bedroom and one bathroom. It also has four bunks, so a family could easily sleep in it. There are plenty of couches to relax on and the driver’s seat even looks pretty comfy in preparation for long drives across the country.

dining area
Tiny House Listings

It also has an adorable little kitchen with a small sink, oven, microwave, mini fridge and plenty of storage. There is an area for dining, which looks comfortable enough to fit 2-4 people. There are also several places to sit on a couch and relax. Could you see yourself living here or does it just seem way too small?

Tiny House Listings

It also has a large closet and lots of storage, which is often unusual for a tiny home. You can see how many clothes actually do fit in the closet as well as storage in every nook and cranny. You can also see more storage in the back of the bus.

Tiny House Listings

This tiny home is full of bright colors like yellow and blue and cute home decor accents. What a great way to turn a classic bus into a place you can live and travel in!

Do you enjoy looking at pictures of old buses turned into tiny homes? It is always amazing how people turn old buses or trains into actual functional homes that you could live and travel in.

Tiny House Listings

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