4 Important Tips For Dating Again After Going Through A Divorce


Dating again after a divorce can be daunting. It can be extremely difficult to dive into the world of dating, especially if you were married for many years. It can also be hard to learn how to get into the world of online dating, especially if you aren’t tech savvy. Use this advice to help you get back into the dating pool after a divorce.

1. Decide if you are even ready to date

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Some people can date right away after a divorce and some need months or even years. Wherever you are at, it is okay! Go at your own pace and only begin to date when you are ready and have dealt with your emotions. Dating again can be scary and remember that your fears are completely normal. Don’t feel like you need to rush into anything if it feels like a rush, it is one then. Start slow!


2. Stay positive

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It can be easy to be negative and make grandiose statements like “all men are jerks” or “all women are cheaters.” Aim to stay positive and you’ll attract like-minded, positive people to you. Being positive can also help you appear more attractive to other potential dates.

3. Try to decide what you truly want

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Some people never want to get married again after a divorce. Decide if you are ready for something more serious again or just want to have fun. Make sure your dates know your intentions up front but keep in mind that things may change if you meet that special person. Be decisive, but still open to changes in your life.


4. Think about the kids, but don’t let them stop you


It can be extra hard to date if you have children and especially if they don’t want you to date. Have an honest conversation with them about your intentions. Don’t let a child’s bad reaction stop you from living your life, but also don’t introduce them to every date. This can be a very tough thing to deal with, but open and honest communication can help. Your kid will likely come around, especially if you meet someone who makes you really happy.

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