7 Things Your Dentist Won’t Tell You But Wants You To Know

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You may hate going to the dentist, but having regular check-ups for your teeth is necessary for your health. However, there are some secrets your dentist may not tell you that can improve your mouth’s health and your dental hygiene.

You might rush to brush your teeth directly before your trip to the dentist, but you should know that actually doesn’t help much. You need to practice excellent dental hygiene routinely! Here are some of our top tips!


1. Don’t forget to brush your entire mouth

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Many people forget to brush their back teeth or don’t brush them well enough. Dentists see plenty of patients with disease affecting their back teeth, while their front teeth are perfectly fine. Make sure to brush your entire mouth twice a day. Also, make sure to floss before it is too late. Your dentist may remind you to floss, but they may not tell you how crucial it is. If you already have advanced gum or teeth problems, it may already be too late.

2. Visit your dentist at least every six months

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If your check-ups are always healthy and routine, every six months will work. However, if you have issues, you may need to go more often.


3. Mouthwash isn’t really necessary


Mouthwash is supposed to give you fresh breath, but really the alcohol in it dries out your mouth. This can help temporarily, but then your bad breath may come back worse in about 30 minutes or so. Don’t bother with mouthwash unless you are in a pinch and then use a brand that doesn’t contain alcohol.

4. Those germ zappers for your toothbrush aren’t necessary either


As long as you aren’t sharing a toothbrush with anyone and change your toothbrush regularly, about every three months, you don’t need to worry about getting rid of germs.

5. However, you really should get an electric toothbrush

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Electric toothbrushes are way better for cleaning your teeth than a regular toothbrush. Invest in one and watch your mouth health soar.

6. Drinking soda is the worst thing for your teeth


Not only because of the amount of sugar but because of the acid. It literally cuts through your teeth. Avoid drinking soda if you want healthy and pretty teeth.

7. Your dentist can fix your headaches or alert you to a disease you might have

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If you have headaches, it could be caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or misaligned teeth. Your headaches could go away from a simple dental procedure or use of a product. Your dentist can often alert you to a disease you didn’t know you had as well. For example, bleeding gums are often the first sign of diabetes.

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