7 Secrets About Amusement Parks From The People Who Work There


If you’ve ever worked at an amusement park, even just for a summer job, you know how annoying it can be. Many people don’t realize that as fun as it can be sometimes, there’s a lot that goes on that guests don’t know about.

Next time you go to an amusement park, be sure to keep these secrets in mind. They come straight from the people who work there.


1. Being nice to the workers there will make your trip a lot more enjoyable

If you’re having any issue whatsoever while at the park, tell an employee, and tell them nicely. No employee there wants to hear about your issue with a nasty mouth. Being nice to an employee will get you top-notch service in return.

2. They get in for free or with a discount, but never go

As an employee, you sometimes get in for free or with a major discount. But most amusement park employees never go unless there’s an employee night hosted at the park. Even then they might still not go.


3. Most employees are considered part-time, but work 45-70 hours per week

Half the time, a lot of the workers stay 2-3 hours past the time they’re supposed to leave. Usually against their will. This causes a large amount of hours to rack up and they usually don’t even get paid that overtime.

4. They have to point with two fingers or gesture with their full hand

Everyone’s mother probably taught them that pointing with one finger is rude. So, employees need to point with two fingers or just gesture with their full hand. I bet you a guest complained about this…

5. Costumes are hotter than you can even imagine

Please be nice to your costumed characters. They are extremely sweaty and gross underneath there, and probably don’t get paid enough to do it.

6. The Princess’s hair isn’t real

This might shock you, but none of the princess’s hair are real. This mostly applies to Disney World and Disneyland, but all princesses are required to wear a wig of some sort. They’re probably sweating just as much as the costumed characters!

7. Employees hear the same question at least 3 or more times a day

Where’s the bathroom? Where’s this ride? Where’s that store? When’s the parade? Amusement park employees become very good at creating a whole speech for each location in the park and how to get there.

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