Old School Marriage Advice That Today’s Young Couples Should Follow

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Some common practices in the 1950s or earlier no longer exist because they are outdated or sexist. However, some marriage advice from the good old days still applies today.

Couples today seem to split up without a second thought, but if everyone followed this advice, relationships might last longer.


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These tips can help you to have a successful and happy marriage.

1. Never nag

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Nagging is one of the most common things that happen in a marriage and it actually breaks people up very often. Try not to get angry about the little things and always try to ask politely instead of nagging your spouse to do something.


2. Be patient

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Try your best to be patient. Marriages take work, and living with someone can be frustrating, but just remember that everyone has off days or screws up from time to time. Practice patience and your marriage will be better for it.

3. Celebrate the little things

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Don’t wait for an anniversary or a birthday to give gifts, be generous, and celebrate your relationship. Try to surprise each other with gifts, quality time, or date nights from time to time.

4. Time spent in the bedroom is still important

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Passion and sex may fade as the years go by, but remember that a good sex life is still very important in a healthy marriage and relationship. If you get bored in the bedroom, try rekindling your romance with a nice date night.

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