1950s Marriage Advice For Women


There are a lot of super cool elements about the 1950s: Cars were definitely much niftier, people spent more time with their families eye-to-eye without Iphones, and well, things were just much simpler back then. However, there are also some aspects that we seem to forget to touch upon, like the terrible policies that that marriage was “accustomed to follow. These are some completely horrible laws that wives were expected to abide by in order to have a content and “happy” marriage. Some of these are so sexist that they are almost funny. All of these tips come from “marriage experts” of that decade. As you scroll through, you can compare and contrast and decide if these “experts’ ” laws are really that appropriate. You can also try to think about how these laws would fly if they were inserted into today’s society!

  • Always smile. No matter what.

    Wives from the 1950s were told to “fake it ’til they made it.” Honestly though, shouldn’t a husband have to earn that smile by showing is undying respect?

  • Wear Pink Underwear!

    Women were told to wear pink underwear to please their man. What were men supposed to wear, I wonder?

  • Keep quiet and don’t question his authority!

    The reserved and quiet wife. Pinterest.com

    A wife was never supposed to question her husband’s decisions. And she certainly wasn’t allowed to cause him any frustration, or he may just leave and look for a new wife. Imagine this rule being proposed these days?

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