Baby Keeps Escaping From Bedroom, So Parents Check Baby Monitor And See Dogs Sneaking In

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Are you familiar with Cheese Patrol videos? If not, let’s get you caught up. There are two Golden Retriever pup brothers that are named Bleu and Colby. The two dogs are known as The Cheese Patrol or Cheese Pups.

Videos of the dogs have gone viral before, but their newest video is really something special. The new video features their little human sister, and it’s downright adorable.


Chloe is the family’s 15-month-old. She loves her dog brothers so much! The dogs quickly realized that Chloe is great at giving them treats all the time. She is now tall enough to get into their food bin so she often gives them extra food when Mom and Dad aren’t looking. These dogs sure are spoiled by their cute little sister! From the looks of it, they deserve all the spoiling in the world.

These pups are smart. According to BoredPanda, Dad said if they haven’t been fed by around 6 am, they will sneak into Chloe’s room and wake her up so she can feed them!


Chloe’s parents was confused when she kept seeing Chloe up and out of her room early since she can’t open the door just yet. So, they set up cameras to see what was really going on. They were shocked at what they saw.

Check out the video below to see just how the dogs get into Chloe’s room to wake her up to feed them. It is sure to brighten your day!

We just love how close Chloe and the dogs are. What a sweet family!

Did you enjoy this video of the dogs waking up Chloe to feed them? Share some stories of how your kids and pets get along! Do they do adorable things like this video too?

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