10 Things That You Should Absolutely Never Do When Staying At A Hotel


Summer is coming up, which means inevitable summer vacations are bound to happen. We want the sun, the sand, and a luxurious hotel!

Next time you’re planning a hotel trip, make sure to consider your etiquette and overall common sense. It will probably save you (and others) a lot of frustration.


1. Don’t even think about opening the mini-bar

mini bar
fugu-san // Flickr

Mini-bars are notoriously expensive, so you can save a lot of money if you just leave that little refrigerator door shut.

2. Don’t throw parties

hotel party

Don’t throw hotel room parties. No one needs to be kept awake until 3 am because you and a few friends decided to get rowdy. Not only is it frustrating for those trying to sleep next door, it’s also annoying for the staff who have to deal with complaining guests.


3. Don’t leave your hair in the drain

Wikimedia Commons

The cleaning ladies don’t want to fish the hair balls out of your shower drain. If you do anything gross while at your hotel, just be courteous and clean up after yourself.

4. Don’t tip your bellhop with “gifts”

Wikimedia Commons

Your bellhop doesn’t want gum, candy, or any other weird substance. He didn’t just drag all your suitcases up five floors just to be thanked with half a gift card to Jamba Juice.

5. Do not allow your kids to run screaming through the lobby (or hallways)

screaming kid
Arjen Toet // Flickr

This really goes for anyone, not just kids. Just don’t be obnoxiously loud. No one else wants to hear it, and you can ruin everyone else’s hotel experience.

6. Don’t accidentally lock yourself out of your room… multiple times

hotel room key
Wikimedia Commons

Locking yourself out is not only a headache for you, but also for the hotel staff (especially if it happens more than once). Just keep track of your things, maybe even put it in your wallet or on a keychain. It’s your responsibility once they give you the key.

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