15 Moments That Prove Women Need To Support Other Women


In this day and age, there is too much hatred in the world. People spew nasty words at each other, in person and online, without regard for how it can affect someone long term. With everything going on, we need to stand by each other and support each other any way that we can. It seems Twitter users have gotten behind this notion and are already sharing examples of unwavering support they’ve experienced or been a witness to.

In a Twitter thread that has gained a lot of traction, many have shared their examples of women supporting women. These moments will truly make you smile!


1. These girls who became friends after a boy’s dumb Snapchat mixup

2. This uber driver who did a lot more than drive someone around

3. This woman who literally got down on the ground to help someone else out

4. This woman who knew exactly how to cheer her friend up (and killed two birds with one stone)

5. This girl who knew how to simply ask to be friends with someone else

6. When this woman wanted to be the most supportive fiancé

7. This girl who shared with a total stranger

8. These women who met while drinking, but also liked each other sober

9. When this woman saw a man trying to take advantage of a woman at a bar and stepped in

10. This sorority sister who is always prepared

11. This girl who simply went the extra (Google) mile

12. These pro “Dump Him” women

13. This girl who heard what someone was struggling with and decided to brighten their day

14. This girl who tried to protect a stranger from a cheating scandal

15. When this woman was ready to fight off a gym creep

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