Ron Howard’s Daughter Is All Grown Up And Working As A Professional Actress

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Ron Howard, former child star and famous filmmaker, is stuck in most people’s imagination as a child or teenager, but he’s actually 64 years old. He rose to fame as Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show and went on to play Richie Cunningham in Happy Days.

Throughout the years, he also starred in a number of movies, but eventually he left the spotlight to focus on directing. Some of his top directing credits include Apollo 13A Beautiful MindThe Da Vinci CodeFrost/Nixon, and Solo: A Star Wars Story (which is coming out this May).


In 1975, Ron married his teenage sweetheart, Cheryl. In 1981, they had their first child, a daughter, who they named Bryce Dallas Howard.

Four years later, in 1985, they had twins Jocelyn and Paige. Finally, in 1987, they welcomed son Reed to the family.


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Ron and Cheryl were careful with how they raised their kids — they wanted to keep them away from the spotlight to give them as normal a childhood as possible.

When Bryce was seven, though, Ron allowed her to be an extra in some of his movies. The early exposure to acting stuck with Bryce, who went on to pursue acting later in life.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who is now 37, is a bona fide movie star. Bryce has a BFA in Drama and has worked at a number of theater companies. Throughout the early 2000s, Bryce starred in a number of theater productions and had supporting roles in some films.

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In 2007, Bryce was cast in her first blockbuster: Spider-Man 3. In the movie, Bryce played Peter Parker’s classmate, Gwen Stacy.

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A few years later, Bryce played villainous Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. She followed that role with a role in Hereafter and a role in The Help.

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Most recently, Bryce starred alongside Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, played the lead in the remake of Pete’s Dragon, and appeared alongside Matthew McConaughey in Gold. She also appeared in an episode of Black Mirror.


The second Jurassic World movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is slated to come out on June 22, 2018.

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