8 Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1980s


5. Leotards

Everyone wanted to wear skin-tight leotards in the 1980s, whether or not they were taking an aerobics class. While leotards have been a staple throughout the years, they were definitely tighter than ever in the ’80s.



6. Oversized Suits


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Don’t worry, it wasn’t just women’s fashion that was bad during the 1980s; men’s fashion was equally ugly. Oversized suits were “in” during the ’80s, and some of them even had ridiculous pleats in the pants!



7. Wacky Hair

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Obviously the most famously hideous 1980s hairstyle is the mullet, but this is a close second. For some reason, we loved having different lengths of hair during the ’80s! Short on top and long in the back is never a good look — too bad it took us a while to realize what a mistake it was!


8. Huge Wedding Gowns

Wedding dresses during the ’80s were truly one-of-a-kind… and awful! For some reason, we thought all the attention should go to our shoulders, so puffy sleeves were a favorite. Luckily we’ve all moved on from this bad trend!


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