7 Incredibly Clever Tricks For Cleaning Your Bathroom


There’s nothing worse than having to clean your bathroom. It’s without a doubt the grossest area of the house to clean. Sure, you might have to clean some grime from the kitchen once in a while, but nothing has more germs than the restroom.

Plus, if cleaning the bathroom wasn’t annoying enough as it is, it seems like every appliance in the bathroom needs a different expensive cleaning product. Your bathtub needs special soap scum cleaner, your toilet needs fancy bowl sanitizers, and your mirror needs a glass cleaner. Well, you actually don’t need to go out and buy fancy cleaners for your bathroom. Check out the tips and tricks below to simplify your bathroom cleaning experience!


1. DIY Mirror Cleaner

mirror cleanerInstead of using a fancy glass cleaner, make your own cleaning spray using just some water and black tea bags. Soak three tea bags in water until it turns dark brown. Then pour the tea into a spray bottle and spritz your mirror! Here’s another tip: instead of using paper towels, which leave streaks and dust on your mirror, use newspaper to wipe down your mirror instead.


2. Shower/Bathtub Scrubber

scrubberDon’t buy a special scrubber for your bathtub/shower. Instead, use a dish wand. Fill it with even parts dish soap and white vinegar, then get scrubbing! If you want, you can even do it while you’re showering.

3. Hard Water Stain Remover

hard waterTo get hard water stains off your fixtures, use a lemon! Just cut a lemon in half and use some elbow grease to work the hard water off your metal fixtures. If the stains are really stuck on there, try soaking washcloths in distilled white vinegar and placing them on the stains. Let the washcloths sit for half an hour, then wipe down the fixtures; they should be as good as new.

4. Toothbrush Holder Cleaner

dishwasherWe usually forget about soap dispensers and toothbrush holders when it comes to cleaning. They seem like they should stay pretty clean over time, right? Wrong; they actually get grimy. But don’t worry, there’s a really easy solution: just put them in the dishwasher!


5. Toilet Cleaner

toilet cleanerCleaning the toilet is necessary, but all the cleaning products for toilets have such strong chemicals. If you always choke over the smell of these chemicals, try cleaning your toilet with white vinegar! Use it to clean the tank and bowl.

6. Toilet Brush Cleaner

toilet brushToilet brushes get absolutely nasty (and they smell bad!). Keep your toilet brush clean by pouring an all-purpose cleaner into the toilet brush base and let the brush sit in the liquid.

7. Dryer Vent Cleaner

dryer ventDryer vents cause a lot of house fires every year, because they’re full of flammable lint and dust. Clean out this area by attaching a paper towel roll to your vacuum!

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