17 Fashion Mistakes We All Made in the ’70s

I am trying to forget some of these!


Fur coats, over-the-top patters — yea, you’re guilty too! From punk to glam to disco, these were the worst trends of the 1970s.


2. Bellbottoms

Oh, bellbottoms. While they stayed popular from the ’60s through the ’70s and made another comeback the ’90s, they are nevertheless one of the most controversial fashion trends ever.



3. Wide-Collared Shirts

A great suit flatters any physique, but the super-large collars men rocked in the ’70s looked a little more costume-y than chic.


4. Chest Hair

The wide-collar shirt was only a means to an end: The reveal of chest hair. So much chest hair. Now, we’re all in favor of a great shot of Tom Selleck, but this is quite a fluffy look for daily wear.


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5. Cutout Swimsuits

Yes, the ’70s beach scene involved way too much dangerous tanning (and tanning oil, eek!). It also featured lots of cutout suits that undoubtedly left some, ahem, unconventional tan lines.


6. Shiny Shirts

We’ll always love you, John Travolta, but there just aren’t a whole lot of times when a shiny shirt is a good idea. For example, any time you don’t figure skating in the Olympics.


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