This Debate On The Best Way To Slice Toast Proves People Can’t Agree On Anything


For the people out there still eating carbs (and the millions more who break any self-imposed to enjoy avocado toast) there’s a big debate about how you should be cutting your bread.

Over the weekend, Twitter nearly imploded when user account Hallamnation posted a photo showcasing three possible ways of slicing toast — and the ensuing debate has since divided the internet.


Hallamnation, a student club night in Sheffield, started a debate on Twitter when it asked people how they’d prefer their toast to be cut.

A spokesperson for Hallamnation told BuzzFeed that it has toast available for one of its biggest events, where it raises money for The Children’s Hospital Charity.

They said: “We have buckets from Sheffield’s children’s charity and ask for a voluntary donation in return for a slice of toast.


“The night is popular with students and has run for over four years in Sheffield.”

It said that earlier this year it had raised £548.79 ($771.64 USD) in donations.


People have had some very strong opinions about the toast.

What do you think?

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