Love it or hate it? Thanks to banana pudding’s slimy texture, there aren’t many people who are on the fence about the classic dessert and its cousins—custard, ripe bananas, yogurt, and flan. If you’re one of those people who thinks “boogers,” it doesn’t mean you have an unsophisticated palette, but rather that you’re sensitive to little details, Kessler says. Being the type of person who’s meticulous at paying attention to all those details can have big payoffs in your career and love life, she adds.

8. If you’ve tried escargot, cricket burgers, seaweed salad, and rattlesnake

Soho Mexican eatery Antojeria la Popular first introduced New Yorkers to its cricket slider. Topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion (inset) as a nod to a traditional burger, they’re flying out of the kitchen. (NY Post)
Seeking out and trying exotic or rare foods means that you’re someone who loves a challenge and loves learning new things, Kessler says. And this is true regardless of whether or not you actually enjoyed eating it! “Simply being willing to try out a ‘scary’ food shows innate curiosity and a desire to learn about other cultures and cuisines,” she explains.

9. If your favorite dessert is an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top

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“People who love ice cream often have a child-like innocence or a sense of wonder,” Kessler explains. Because there are so many options for toppings, cones, mix-ins, and variety, it gives you a feeling that anything can happen, which really appeals to those who love the mystery of life, she adds. And the cherry on top? You love to look for little, surprising moments of joy.

10. If you use your grill more than your actual stove

There’s just something so primal about standing outdoors with a hunk of meat roasting over an open flame, and die-hard carnivores love that feeling. “People whose favorite food is meat are often intense and serious,” Kessler says. Hearkening back to when mankind were hunters, they can also be aggressive, which in today’s modern world may translate to being an active go-getter, she adds.

11. If you know the name of every vegetable in the supermarket

There is a whole, wide world of produce that goes beyond apples, oranges, and iceberg lettuce, yet many people buy the same exact fruits and veggies every time. If you’re the type who adores all types of produce—including things like leeks, Swiss chard, and Jerusalem artichokes—it shows that you value learning about your food. It also shows that living a healthy lifestyle is an important part of your identity and you take a lot of pride in keeping everything as clean and whole as your food, Kessler says.

12. If you never go anywhere without a smoothie or shake in hand

“Shakes and smoothies are the ultimate in convenience, perfect for someone who loves to multitask,” Kessler says. Who has time to chew all those different foods when you can blend them all together and get on with your busy day? Make sure you’re using healthy, high-quality ingredients for a meal on the go that will keep you fueled all day.