Wait, Elvis Presley’s Old Dixie Cup Sold For How Much On Ebay?


These days $3,000 will buy you 3 iPhone Xs, or Elvis Presley’s once used paper cup … from 6 decades ago! Choose wisely.

Actually, it’s too late to choose … the old vintage paper cup sold at auction over the weekend, with a winning bid of $3,300. We’re told the person who bought it owns the Icon Hotel in Luton, England.



“The cup was supposedly taken from him at his hotel by a woman named June who then kept it in a box with his autographed picture for decades”, TMZ reported.


The guy who was selling it (undisclosed) was aiming for a cool $1,000 so it was pretty incredible that he ended up with triple the asking price!



Would you spend that much on Elvis Presley memorabilia?

Credits: tmz.com

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