Charlie Chaplin’s Granddaughter Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

She’s generous


Oona worked with Help Refugees UK to relocate refugees in France’s Calais “Jungle” to a safer area in 2016. Help Refugees is an organization committed to providing “emergency aid and vital services to those affected by the global refugee crisis.” Oona protested, along with other stars, to keep the camp open, but the French government wouldn’t allow it and bulldozed the area.

She’s a spicy dancer


Oona told The Telegraph that her perfect weekend includes “salsa dancing in Vauxhall” in the Cuban salsa room until 4 a.m. “I’ve been salsa dancing since I was a toddler,” she said. She also took ballet as a kid, but quit after she was told her, uh, behind was too big.

Years later, she appeared on three episodes of Married Single Other as a Brazilian cage dancer, so she got to show off some of her skills. As recently as 2014, Oona showcased her sultry dance moves in a Molotov Jukebox video.

She’s not afraid of ‘taboo’ subjects


Oona appears alongside Tom Hardy in FX’s Taboo, a story about a man (Hardy’s James Delaney) and a woman (Oona’s Zilpha Geary) who happen to be half-siblings and love interests.

In an interview with Nerdist, Oona said, “I think that it comes down to every aspect of our lives. How do you feel about looking into the toilet and looking at your s***? Because we’re all full of s**t. The show really revels in that, and I love it because of that.” She called Hardy a “real hunter for truth.”

Hardy also produces the show and reportedly thought up the script with his father.

She’ll appear in the Avatar sequels

Though her turn on Game of Thrones marked a huge shift in her career—she refers to it as “a defining point in my life”—Oona’s biggest career commitment yet has to be her signing on to the next four installments in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi franchise, Avatar. According to The Hollywood Reporter, most of the details regarding the films are still shrouded in mystery, but it has been reported that Oona “will play Varang, a strong and vibrant central character who spans the entire length of the installments.”

Oona has kept relatively mum about the blockbuster franchise as well, but in an October 2017 interview with Film School Rejects, she did say, “So right now in Avatar, it’s crazy. People are just so creative and so happy to be going to work every day. There are challenges and there’s freaking difficult s**t that you need to deal with and computer stuff that nobody understands except some genius, but people believe in the project so there’s a lot of energy moving through that set.”

She never wanted to be an actress


Given her mother and grandfather’s success in the business, it seems like Oona’s eventual move to the silver screen would have been a foregone conclusion, but she insists that following in her famous family’s footsteps was not her intended path.

“I thought it wasn’t a real job,” she told Channel 4. “But it was thanks to the history of my family, and maturing enough to be able to see the social value that it has, that changed my mind.”

Charlie Chaplin and Oona ONeill 1965 (

“If I’m on a project, maybe whatever I do doesn’t inspire people,” She continued. “But maybe they look me up — speaking of technology — and maybe they see who my granddad was, and go and watch one of his films, or one of my mum’s films, or read one of my great granddad’s plays. To encourage that curiosity so people may rediscover those great storytellers — that’s good enough for me.”

That said, it took her a while to come around. She even spoke about being embarrassed to play “her grandfather’s famous little tramp in a school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” telling the Independent in 2011, “If I was asked to do that today I wouldn’t.”


Oona eventually abandoned her original post-secondary plans, which were to major in “politics and broadcasting,” and chose to attend the famed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) after sending in her application on a whim. “I said if they take me at RADA I’ll do acting, but only if they take me at RADA … and they did. I was f**ked,” Oona said in her colorful parlance.

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