Try This 4-Step Method To Avoid Strawberry Spoilage


Strawberries are classic because you can dip them in a flowing chocolate fountain and make a dessert out of them. They are your win after a midnight refrigerator forage. You love them dearly and yet have been time and again disappointed by these very delicious fruits. It’s a bit heartbreaking sometimes when you find a moldy strawberry.

Strawberries, if neglected for a while, get covered with mold or a slimy substance that ruins them. It can happen only within a few days of purchase. Apart from losing out on a refreshment, you also lose your money.



There is nothing worse than buying a batch of strawberries and having them go bad less than a handful of days later, right? Strawberries are not cheap when they’re out of season!

But you can stop worrying about them now. There are ways you can actually make the strawberries stay fresh for some days, even a week or two. Follow along!


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