The Best Pancake House In Every US State


Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It’s the common narrative everyone knows: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve said it, your friends say it, your mom says it, so where should you get it? But we’re not just talking any breakfast. We’re talking the best type of breakfast: pancakes. After extremely extensive, and somewhat tedious, research, I have found the best place to get pancakes in every state. You’ll never have to Google this again.


Alabama: Waysider Restaurant

Oooooh yummy elephant pancakes for breakfast!!!! ROLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLL!! 🐘💥

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A place that serves their pancakes in the shape of an elephant. Is this real life?


Alaska: Kava’s Pancake House

They serve these bad boys all day, every day. Even when you’re craving more of a “real meal” maybe later on in the day, you can get pancakes on the side!

Arizona: St. Francis

Pancake / @stfrancisphx. @visitphoenix @phoenixfoodaz

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The most bougie of pancakes, St Francis pancakes are moistened with olive oil, mixed with chunks of dark chocolate, and unlike the rest, baked in an oven to perfectly char the edges, but also keep the inside nice and soft. To top it off, it’s adorned with caramelized apples, maple syrup (of course) and fresh whipped cream.


Arkansas: The Pancake Shop

Best blueberry pancake ever. #thepancakeshop #hotsprings #delish

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Some may say bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to pancakes make ’em large! The Pancake Shop is known for their 12-inch pancakes that are worth every bite.

California: Jacks ‘N Joe

An Elvis Presley peanut butter and the banana pancake? Pineapples and coconut? They even have a “freeform” abstractly designed pancake, that while might not be flavored, is certainly unlike the rest!

Colorado: Snooze

Sugar coma: initiated. #PancakeFlight #Snooze

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Not only does Snooze have a wide variety of types of pancakes to choose from, but it even has an option where you can pick three out of the many options and get all three pancakes on one plate! Maaaaajor key.

Connecticut: Elm Street Diner

Don’t be fooled by it’s ‘diner’ title, this place is way more than just a diner. Known for its pancakes, Elm Street Diner offers nearly a dozen different types of pancakes! Bonus points: they are also known for their milkshakes — a great complement to a nice fluffy pancake!

Delaware: Kaisy’s Delight

Australian pancake #pancake #australianpancake

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Not your ‘”American Pancake, Kaisy’s specializes in Austrian pancakes (it’s kind of like a pancake but in smaller, less shaped pieces). It’s like build your own fro-yo, but with pancakes

Florida: Eating House Miami

You had me at Captain Crunch pancakes.


Georgia: Ria’s Bluebird

They claim it’s so famous because of the “sifted cake flour.” Considering Ria’s Bluebird has been named best pancakes by the New York Times, I’d listen to what they have to say.

Hawaii: Aloha Kitchen

Banana Soufflé Pancake @alohakitchen808 #hawaii

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Cake by the ocean, yes, please.

Indiana: Uptown Cafe

Who would’ve thought Indiana would be home to such innovative food? Uptown Cafe is known for their cottage cheese pancakes– the locals love ’em

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