The Worst Stereotype Of Each Of The 50 States

You’re tired of hearing them.


Each state has their own stereotypes that drive it’s residents absolutely crazy (I would know, I’m from Jersey)…Whether they are true or not it really doesn’t matter; people still associate these stereotypes with its respective state. Here are the worst stereotypes of each of the 50 states:

1. Arkansas

Outsiders, when they see an Arkansan indoors, think “Wow, those people have houses? 



Sorry, Arkansas, we just assumed you all hang out in nature with a gun at your side and only emerge when you have to replenish your beer supply.

2. Hawaii

School uniforms can be a real drag, you know. Knee-length skirts, tucked-in shirts, and neatly polished shoes, all for the sake of a distraction-free environment.



Then, you come to a joyous realization and sigh in relief: At least I’m not Hawaiian. The stereotype is that people there have to wear leis and grass skirts and coconut bras — that’s got to be tough. And I’m too self-conscious for that mess.

3. Nevada

Hey, don’t look so guilty. We’re all sinners in Las Vegas! It’s the state’s most precious resource.

In fact, Nevadans don’t even know what video games are. They are always giving slot machines just one last spin and creaming everyone at poker. Moreover, if you don’t graduate high school and become either a showgirl or a blackjack dealer, everyone will question what you’ve done with your life.

4. Alabama

Pure, unfiltered Southern pride courses through every Alabamans’ veins. This is perhaps especially true when Crimson Tide seasons rolls around, where people get obsessive over supporting the University of Alabama football team.

World Wide Interweb

From the looks of it, nobody gets off light for Roll Tide treason. You out yourself as a non-believer, and you pay the ultimate price. No, a wad of cash and several cases of beer won’t do it. You’d better hit the highway, branded a traitor, and show your fellow statesmen what you’ve done!

5. California

 Because the state is the home of the bustling entertainment hub known as Hollywood, we all assume that California is one large spotlit stage across which acclaimed actors and musicians strut.


Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Everyone passes Beyonce on the street on a regular basis and celebrities are everywhere. Also, it’s assumed that you have at least a dozen movie stars living on your street.

6. Alaska

As far as anyone is concerned, Alaska is just a freaking cold place to be. Anyone who lives there is perpetually wearing winter coats or just is crazy about the cold. 

Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images

So how do all these snow people manage, we clueless outsiders wonder? Maybe, outsiders muse, Alaskans hunker down in the heatless igloo and watch the Northern lights glow outside the window? Also, be sure you’re plenty strong enough to wrestle those wolves and bears for your dinner.

7. Colorado

Yup, you know it: Colorado is overrun with stoners who spend every night wolfing down Taco Bell and whole pizzas. 

The Smoking Bud

The stereotype is that everyone is high. Also, taste-test that pink-frosted and sprinkle-adorned brownie before giving it to your kid.

8. Connecticut

Ah, Connecticut: a clean, blue-skied haven for rich people.

Business Insider

Well, a haven outside New Haven, of course. Because everyone knows that anything that Yale’s shadow fails to touch is scary-dangerous-no-good.

9. Delaware

What happens when you mention the state of Delaware outside Delaware? Suddenly, the snooze-zones in the Midwest can say smugly, “What is there for those poor people to do?”

Tumblr / Delawareness

Either that or they looked puzzled before responding in their innocence: “Delaware? What’s a Delaware? Sounds like a clothing store in a rundown strip mall trying desperately to sound high-end and exclusive.”

10. Florida

What’s not to love about the Sunshine State? When it’s not bathed in endless ethereal light, it’s raining. And the raindrops are shaped like Mickey Mouse or something, just to give tourists their money’s worth.

Funny Photo

But most important: everybody knows how to fight off a big, bad gator. Even the retirees who escape experiencing the state’s warmer climes here. Gator-Fighting lessons come with the complimentary orange juice at the welcome center, right?

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