You Will Never Believe These Unforgettable ‘Storage Wars’ Finds


6. Comic Book Heaven

Sheets struck gold yet again when he uncovered a storage unit stuffed to the brim with mint-condition comic book memorabilia. The locker was valued at around $91,000.

A&E/Storage Wars

7. Rita Ackermann Paintings

Sheets definitely has a knack for sniffing out worthwhile containers. His favorite catch on the show came from the storage container of a famous model. Dozens of paintings by Rita Ackermann will be returned to their rightful spot in a gallery instead of collecting dust in a storage unit.


A&E/Storage Wars

8. Pirate’s Treasure

The biggest payout on the show never actually aired, as the owner of the literal treasure did not want to publicize his hoard. The buyer spent $1,000 on the storage unit and found a box too large for two people to move. Upon further inspection, they discovered Spanish dollars dating back to the 16th century inside. The riches were valued at $500,000.

Flickr/Javier Aldana

9. The Toy Trove

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz were definitely the underdogs of the show — they were the hard-working rookies who didn’t employ manipulative tactics like the other bidders. So viewers rejoiced when storage shark Dave Hester tried — and failed — to sabotage the duo, who won a unit for $1,700 and found around $13,000 worth of classic toys inside.


Wikimedia Commons/Mingle MediaTV

10. Garbage Pail Kids

Ivy Calvin found a small, collectible treasure inside what he thought was a box of knick-knacks. Hundreds of mint condition Garbage Pail Kids cards and stickers were discovered, turning his $250 gamble into an almost $1,000 profit.

A&E/Storage Wars

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