35. The Chevrolet Connection

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Large portions of Bonanza’s income came from its long-standing partnership with Chevrolet. The car company sponsored almost all of the TV show’s 431-episodes which helped keep the series in production. The stars appeared in numerous Chevrolet commercials as part of the sponsorship deal which showed them endorsing various vehicles.

36. The Show Has A Deep Connection To The Original ‘Star Trek’

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Almost every major actor of the 1966 TV series Star Trek appeared at some point during Bonanza’s run. Some of them were William Shatner, James Doohan, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, Majel Barrett, and Walter Koenig.

37. Landon’s Repeated Attempts To Write Scripts For The Show Originally Failed

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Landon really wanted to write scripts for the show, but the show producer David Dortort wouldn’t allow him. While his first attempts failed, Landon eventually submitted a script that Dortort thought was good enough to produce. Not only would he become a regular writer and occasional producer on the show, he eventually wrote many scripts for Little House on the Prairie.

38. It Was The First Issue-Oriented Western TV Show

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Bonanza was the first “dramatic” TV Western that didn’t focus on hunting down and killing bad guys. Instead, each episode of the show focused on issues such as racism, prejudice, and social justice.

39. The Credits Were Rotated Each Week

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If you closely watch the opening sequence you will quickly notice that the order of the actors’ names was swapped out so nobody always had top billing on the show 100% of the time. As previously mentioned, the four main actors were considered equal stars and that was a carefully monitored part of the show.