10 Pieces Of ‘Junk’ You Might Have In The Attic That Could Be Valuable Antiques


A good purging can be soul-cleansing. You get rid of things you no longer want or need, and there is just something freeing about letting go of “things.” However, before you get rid of anything, you should always make sure you aren’t throwing out money.
Chances are that some of the things you don’t want, someone else desires. You could sell those old things for new stuff. Check out this list to see if you have anything you should set aside or sell because of its collectible value.

1. Typewriter


In an age of computers, typewriters are definitely relics. Though most people prefer computers, there is a small segment of the population that enjoys them. Those people are willing to pay big bucks for old typewriters. Valuable typewriters include the bubblegum pink Quiet De Luxe by Royal Typewriter.

2. Antique safe


Old safes are actually practical antiques. They can store your valuables and add decorative flair.


3. Rocking chair


Antique rocking chairs that are valuable are handcrafted, artisan pieces made from good quality wood.

4. Books that are first edition 


First editions of books are rare, especially if a book was popular. First editions sometimes contain errors that aren’t in subsequent editions. For instance, the first edition of Harry Potter has a well-known typo. Only 500 copies of the book were printed before the typo was caught. A first edition of that book is worth between $40,000-$55,000, according to Yahoo.


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