Beatlemania Treasure: The Infamous “Butcher” Cover Album

The story behind the legendary Beatles album cover.


The Beatles Yesterday and Today LP

The Beatles, Yesterday and Today “Trunk” album cover.

Who would ever have guessed a macabre vinyl record could possibly worth thousands of dollars today?

The values on the Yesterday And Today –Butcher album, depends mostly on it’s sleeve/cover (referred to as First, Second or Third States), several audio factors and condition.


The most valuable and highly sought-after, is the “First State” “Butcher cover with photo by Robert Whitaker.

Originally, the Butcher cover was sent to America’s Capitol records by Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager during the 1960’s); the top cover featured the Beatles wearing butcher coats sitting among dismembered doll parts and butchered meat pieces.


How did this idea sit with the President of Capitol Records? Click “Next” to find out.

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