25 Jaw Dropping Rare Historic Photos

6. Debbie Harry – 1976


Star of the band Blondie, Debbie Harry was known for her innovative fashion.

The 1960’s were all about experimentation, obviously. But Harry’s look has lasted through generations to this day.

7. Ice Cube and Axl Rose – 1989

Tumblr – Love Addict

NWA debuted in 1986, while Gun N’ Roses got together in 1985.

Both groups were from Los Angeles and represented opposite counter culture elements of the city.

8. Grace Kelly – 1955

History In Orbit via Blogspot – The Art O Film

Kelly was married to the Prince of Monaco until her death in 1982.

Her acting career was quick but pronounced. She retired at the age of 26 to fulfill her duties as Princess of Monaco.

9. Sigourney Weaver – 1983

History In Orbit via The Old Reader

Daughter of the famous NBC TV executive, Pat Weaver.

The actress made her silver screen debut in Annie Hall and has maintained a consistent, successful presence ever since. She has been nicknamed “The Sci-Fi Queen” because of her contribution to the genre.

10. Clint Eastwood doing push-ups

Reader’s Digest

Taken at some point during the 1960’s, Eastwood shows off his always toned physique.

The director/actor/writer is always looking for creative ways to stay in shape. Even at age 85, he still looks solid.

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