22 Surprising Secrets About “Gilligan’s Island” You Need To Know 


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… about the secrets of ‘Gilligan’s Island!’ An iconic television show that lasted only three short years, ‘Gilligan’s Island’ has warmed hearts around the world since 1964. Luckily for viewers, what was supposed to be a quick sightseeing tour for seven turned into one of the most beloved shows in American history. We hunted down some little-known facts and show secrets about ‘Gilligan’s Island’ that all generations will want to know!

22. ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Was Created As A Political Statement

Believe it or not, the show was intended to pack a political punch. Producer Sherwood Schwartz came up with the idea of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ while attending a college class. He said it was meant as a “social microcosm and a metaphorical shaming of world politics in the sense that when necessary for survival, yes we can all get along.” His idea is based on the question of what would you take with you if stranded on an island, which actually makes quite a bit of sense once you think about it.


21. The Pilot Was Filmed On The Day John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated

If you look closely, you can see the flags are at half mast in the background as the Minnow leaves Hawaii.

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