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Do you remember the jingles and the foods that they represented? How about your favorite foods growing up? I was a big foodie as a kid. In fact, my house was the house with the best snacks so after school, it was the house everyone gathered. It was all about food, homework and after school specials!


Some of the most memorable jingles were food jingles. A good sign they were successful foods but also a big draw to get us kids to convince our parents to buy the things we wanted as a result of these catchy tunes.


Remember These Vintage Food Commercials And Jingles?

My friends always wanted to do their homework at my house because they always knew they would get to enjoy the snacks they weren’t as lucky to enjoy at their own homes.



Here are some of the foods I grew up eating:

Hamburger Helper

is a packaged food product that consists of boxed pasta bundled with packets of powdered sauce and seasonings.

The contents of each box are combined with browned ground beef, water, and occasionally milk to create a complete dish.

The pasta brand “Hamburger Helper” was first introduced in 1971. In 2005, Food Network rated Hamburger Helper third on its list of “Top Five Fad Foods of 1970”.

The Hamburger Helper mascot is the “Helping Hand” or “Lefty”: a four-fingered, left-hand white glove, with a face on it and red spherical nose. It often appears in the product’s television commercials and on their packaged products.


Is a pilaf-like boxed food mix that consists of rice, vermicelli pasta, and seasonings. To prepare, the rice and pasta are browned in butter, then water and seasonings are added and simmered until absorbed. It’s The “San-Francisco Treat!”



is an American brand of canned circular pasta shapes in a cheese and tomato sauce — and marketed to parents as “less messy” than spaghetti. More than 150 million cans of SpaghettiOs are sold each year.

In addition to the original variety, variations have included SpaghettiOs Meatballs (with miniature meatballs), SpaghettiOs Sliced Franks (with pieces of processed meat resembling hot dog slices), SpaghettiOs RavioliOs (with round, beef-filled ravioli), SpaghettiOs with Calcium, and other theme-shaped varieties.

SpaghettiOs were introduced nationally without test marketing — with television advertising using the tag line “The neat round spaghetti you can eat with a spoon” and the jingle “Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs”, sung by pop singer Jimmie Rodgers (loosely based on his 1950s song “Oh-Oh, I’m Falling in Love Again”).


Cream Of Wheat

is a brand of farina, a type of breakfast porridge mix made from wheat semolina. It looks similar to grits, but is smoother in texture since it is made with ground wheat kernels instead of ground corn. It was first manufactured in the United States in 1893. “Cream of Wheat” is a registered trademark.


Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies

Nutter Butter is a Nabisco brand peanut-shaped sandwich cookie with a peanut butter filling, which was introduced to the public in 1969. Nutter Butters have a two-ply bread peanut shape with a texture that resembles that of a peanut. The individual cookies are about 3-4 inches in length and have a very recognizable and distinctive look.


Hunts Snack Packs

were introduced in 1968 in single-serve aluminum/metal cans, before switching to plastic cups in 1984 and clear plastic cups in 1990. 



is a fruit juice-flavored drink made by the Minute Maid division of The Coca-Cola Company. It was created by Niles Foster in 1946 and released in 1948. The sole original flavor was orange.

Good N’ Plenty

Good & Plenty was first produced by the Quaker City Confectionery Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1893 and is the oldest branded candy in the United States.

Beginning around 1950, a cartoon character named “Choo-Choo Charlie” appeared in Good & Plenty television commercials. A railroad engineer, Charlie would shake a box of the candy in a circular motion, imitating a train’s pushrods and making a sound like a train. The “Choo-Choo Charlie” jingle, based on the popular song “The Ballad of Casey Jones”.



was the name of a vitamin fortified, circus-themed breakfast cereal produced by General Mills, which contained oat cereal bits shaped like smiling clown faces and marshmallow bears, lions, elephants, and stars. Its mascot was a smiling circus clown. It originated in 1969. Kaboom was a breakfast cereal of the 1970s and 1980s.



Tang is a fruit-flavored drink. Originally formulated by General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell. in 1957, it was first marketed in powdered form in 1959. Sales of Tang were poor until NASA used it on John Glenn’s Mercury flight in February 1962, and subsequent Gemini missions. Since then, it was closely associated with the U.S. manned spaceflight program, leading to the misconception that Tang was invented for the space program.




Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Peter Pan is a brand of peanut butter named after the J.M. Barrie character. The product was originally packaged in a tin can with a turn key and re-closable lid, the product’s packaging was changed to glass jars because of metal shortages during World War II. In 1988, Peter Pan was was the first brand of peanut butter to be sold in plastic jars.



Chiffon Margarine

Dena Dietrich was the iconic character Mother Nature. She likes Chiffon and identifies it as “… my delicious butter!” The narrator (voiced by character actor Mason Adams) then tells her: “That’s Chiffon margarine, not butter … Chiffon’s so delicious it fooled even you, Mother Nature.” Vexed at the trickery, Mother Nature responds by uttering, in increasingly scornful tones, her signature line “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” quickly followed by a flash of lightning, a peal of thunder, and occasionally an additional threat (such as silently commanding an elephant to charge the camera). The advertisements were typically closed by a jingle containing the lyrics, “If you think it’s butter, but it’s not: it’s Chiffon.”


Country Time Lemonade

flavor drink mix was introduced in 1975 by General Foods. Over the years various other flavors, including pink, raspberry, and strawberry lemonade, were added.

Country Time has sponsored NASCAR cars since 1989 when Michael Waltrip drove the car, posting a top 5 finish in it. Possibly the most notable driver was Neil Bonnett driving the Country Time sponsored car for the 1994 Daytona 500, the same race he died in a crash practicing for.




Carnation is a brand of food products. The brand was especially known for its evaporated milk product created in 1899, then called Carnation Sterilized Cream and later called Carnation Evaporated Milk. The brand has since been used for other related products including milk-flavoring mixes, flavored beverages, flavor syrups, hot cocoa mixes, instant breakfasts, corn flakes, ice cream novelties, and dog food. Nestlé acquired the Carnation Company in 1985.

Carnation was founded as an evaporated milk company. With the increased availability of home refrigeration of fresh milk and cream throughout the 20th century, the demand for evaporated milk decreased. Carnation diversified its product portfolio after the 1950s and was acquired by Nestlé in 1984 for $3 billion.


So, while some of these products still exist, they were still staples of my childhood and as an adult have been replaced with new staples. I will say, I did get Joy From Eating Sloppy Joes! And like every home, breakfast cereals was a daily dish. And, I definitely have my Favorite Breakfast Cereals From The 60s.


We did eat a lot of TV dinners. Swanson’s was the name we bought. My favorite was the Turkey And Gravy and the fried chicken but my brother’s loved the Salisbury Steak.


This was a time in our lives when my parents were working and this was the easy, quick solution to eating a full balanced dinner. When Frozen Dinners Met the Boob Tube.

And Hostess and Drakes were also snacks that we had in excess! Which Snack Was All The Rage The Year You Were Born? Yodels were mine. I loved them right out of the refrigerator and would unroll them to eat them. I had a whole process!
What foods did you eat growing up that are nostalgic? PLEASE share in the comment section below.

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