Olivia Newton-John’s Family Experience ‘Supernatural’ Encounters With Her 1 Year After Death


Pop icon and actress Olivia Newton-John died of breast cancer in 2022 at the age of 73. The Grease star battled with cancer for over thirty years but continued to live an impactful life and contribute to cancer cure research amidst her own health challenges.

It has been a year since Olivia passed away, and her husband and daughter shared what life has been like without her. They also revealed some “supernatural” encounters they have experienced since Olivia died. Her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi say they have been sensing her presence in different ways, which makes them feel reassured that she is okay on the other side.


Olivia’s loved ones narrate their encounters


The late singer’s 37-year-old daughter, Chloe, told People about a significant conversation she had with Olivia while she was alive. “Mom and I had talked years back. We’d watch these paranormal shows, and I’d say, ‘You gotta show up for me.’ And she was like, ‘I’ll show up as one of those orb things,'” Chloe recalled.


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Coincidentally, Chloe said she found a photo on her phone that tallied with their conversation after Olivia was gone. “Two weeks after she passed, my phone accidentally took a picture of my dog, and there floating by his head was a little blue orb, the same color as this,” she said, referring to the blue pendant necklace John gave Olivia before it became hers.

Similarly, John, 71, talked about the time he went to hold a private ceremony in Peru with Olivia’s ashes. It was supposed to be their 15th wedding anniversary, and he went to the spot where they got married to pay his tribute. “I took a picture, and this blue orb is right between my eyes. It’s been a supernatural year,” he said, showing the photo.


‘There is no replacing Olivia’

Olivia was known to maintain a positive attitude despite her trials. She was first diagnosed in 1992, after which she underwent a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy, and reconstruction. She then fell into remission in 2013 and again in 2017, which she announced with optimism. “I don’t think I imagined living this long! I feel very blessed,” she said at the time.

Chloe recalled how she loved to watch the birds outside her bedroom and her last moments in the same spot she enjoyed. “We wanted to get her home to the animals, to the birds… she opened her eyes, looked at me and mouthed, ‘I love you.’ That’s a very special last memory for me,” Chloe recalled. John, whom she married in 2008, told the outlet that there was “no replacing” his late wife.

In remembrance of Olivia

The late Grammy winner’s family—her daughter Chloe, ex-husband Matt Lattanzi and her widower, John—will lead the annual Olivia’s Walk for Wellness in Melbourne this October. The walk aims to raise funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre and the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund currently testing medicinal plants for cancer treatment.


“It’s an honor. I know it’s going to be really hard emotionally, but I’m excited to do this for her,” Chloe said in anticipation of the event. John also added that he needed to “just be grateful” because that’s what Olivia would have wanted. “…She wants us to live life and love life and never lose sight of the good things,” he added.

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