Elizabeth Hurley Is An Ageless Vision In Tiny Black Bikini


Elizabeth Hurley likes to take time out to relax and she shares such moments with her fans on social media. The actress recently took to Instagram with a breathtaking clip of her in a black two-piece swimsuit, showing off her toned body and glowing skin as she took a stroll on the beach in Maldives. She simply captioned the snap, “Hello Maldives” with a heart emoji, and set the background music to Sade’s “Kiss of Life.”

The Strictly Confidential star showed off her figure in the bikini from her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Swim, which she accessorized with sunglasses and dangling earrings. Fans could hardly hold back on their astonishment at her ageless beauty and flooded the comment section with praise. “Simply beautiful. Hope you all have way too much fun. Hope you get to make some amazing memories,” a kind user wrote. “You never age! Looking great,” another added.


Elizabeth Hurley stuns in black bikini

Hurley is known for maintaining her youthful appearance, despite turning 59 in June. She reveals her secret to be well-curated meals in small quantities, as well as staying active. “My mantra is: don’t eat too much, too fast, too often, or too late. Or, put another way, eat smaller meals, chew properly, ban snacking, and eat dinner earlier,” she said earlier this year. “Other than diet, my other advice is to move more. I don’t go to the gym or do any set exercise but I’m extremely active.”


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Hurley, who has never been under the knife, has also been honest about her thoughts on plastic surgery, which is more of a sham to her. “No! I don’t think it makes you look younger, I think it just makes you look like you’ve got filler. It’s not my cup of tea,” she once told the Sunday Times.

Is Elizabeth Hurley married to Hugh Grant?


Hurley got married to her ex-husband Hugh Grant in 1987, however, they split in 2000 after thirteen years together. The former couple had no children together although they often bickered about it. “Of course, we used to think about it because we used to fight all day. We used to look in the mirror next to each other and say, ‘It’d have to be my eyes,” she teased, referring to the English actor’s children from other relationships. “‘No, my eyes.’ ‘Your hair.’ ‘No, my hair! So we used to bicker for hours about who would look like who. And of course, none of his children look like him, as it happens.”


Regardless of their separation, and Hugh’s involvement with a prostitute during their marriage, they have remained close friends. “I speak to him quite a lot. I still go to him for advice on scripts, even though he’s very happily married with five children and I’m very happy in my own life, there’s still certain bits we crossover with very well…and asking advice about work, he’s still my go-to person,” Hurley said in 2020. Hugh also opened up about his infamous affair with a sex worker, admitting that he “was just an idiot.” “I didn’t try to say, ‘I’ve got this psychological problem.’ I just said, ‘I did it,’” he recalled.

Contrary to popular opinion, Hurley thinks being close to Hugh, who is also her son’s godfather, has been their way of moving on from the past. “You know, we went through so much together. But I’ve been thinking, one of the most important things to keep good relations with your exes is to have a lot of respect for their current life. We haven’t been romantically involved for 20 years, I think, even though we have such a strong friendship,” she said on an episode of In The 90s podcast. “But we’re always very aware that there are other people in our lives. There’s partners, there’s children. You can’t just, sort of, live in a lovely, rosy, mist of the past. You have to move with the times and be very respectful of the present, which we are.”


Following her split from Hugh, she moved on with Arun Nayar in 2007, and the former duo have remained friends since their split in 2011. Hurley and Arun spent the last New Year’s Eve together, with Hurley’s son Damian, whom she shares with the late film producer Steve Bing, posting their photos on social media. The divorced pair were also present for Damian’s graduation in 2022, and fans were impressed by their mature post-divorce relationship. “Love this!” someone exclaimed at the time, with many more suggesting that they recouple.

Why did Elizabeth Hurley leave ‘Austin Powers?’

Hurley is known for her role as Vanessa Kensington in the satirical spy comedy franchise Austin Powers. She played the lead role’s love interest in the first two installments, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in 1997 and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. However, she was absent for the third movie in 2002, and was replaced by Beyonce who played undercover spy Foxxy Cleopatra. Hurley had good reason to be absent for part three because she was pregnant with her only son, Damian at the time.


She was candid with the crew once she found out, immediately telling them to “count me out,” unless they were “ready to roll the cameras next week” before her bump showed. “I put on 63 lbs. when I was pregnant. I was like, ‘No, no, you don’t understand. You really have to shoot really soon,’” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.  She admitted that her pregnancy derailed her part in the movie, however, she is happy to be back for a fourth Austin Powers project.

While speaking with PEOPLE in 2022, the 58-year-old expressed her interest in reprising her Austin Powers role if Mike Myers would be in as well. “A brilliant man, fabulously kind and gentle and of course one of the best comedians on Earth. Mike is a genius. It would be wonderful to do something with him again,” she said, calling him “one of my very favorite costars.”


She also joked about having to wear a modified costume as she put on more weight over the years. “I’m not sure I’d fit in my costumes again,” she said. Speaking of an Austin Powers comeback, Myers shared the same sentiment, saying he “would love to,” however there is no news of filming or production yet. “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, should it exist or not exist,” he told SiriusXM‘s Jess Cagle. Hurley has continued working on other movies, including her most recent, Strictly Confidential, which was controversially directed by her son, Damian. Addressing the criticism that came due to Damian’s presence during her intimate scenes, Hurley said she felt “safe and looked after” while working with him. “It’s relaxing knowing someone is behind the camera who looks out for you. Which was the same on this movie in a way. So actually it’s kind of liberating to work with your family. I may do it again,” she said.

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